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Applied Linguistics: Japan – статьи по прикладной лингвистике и EFL

August 22nd, 2009 · No Comments · Bilingualism, ELT Methodology, Grammar and Lexicogrammar, Language Learning Theories and Research, Listening, Research Papers and Summaries, Skills Practice, SLA (Second Language Acquisition), Speaking, Strategies and Techniques, Web Resources, Writing

a collection of research papers on First and Second Language Acquisition – read online AppliedLinguisticsJapan.com

a site dedicated to the study of linguistics with a specific focus on Japan and Japanese learners

  • Communicative Language Teaching in Japanese High Schools.
  • The Grammar of Question Formation in Modern English and Implications for Japanese Learners. Listening and Speaking in the ELT Classroom: Does Classroom Discourse Prepare Students for Real World Discourse?
  • Issues in Bilingual First Language Acquisition.
  • The Role of Culture in the Classroom.
  • A Critical Discourse Analysis of President Bush’s ‘Fifth Anniversary of September 11th’ Speech.
  • English Language Teaching in Japan: Examining The Japanese Government’s High School English Reforms.
  • Theories and Factors Relevant to Second Language Acquisition
  • Error analysis: towards an understanding of the complexities of L2 error definition.
  • The Article System in English: Implications for the Japanese EFL Classroom.
  • Washback: some implications for the syllabus and teaching at a Japanese High School
  • A comparison, using conversation analysis, of an ELT listening text with a recording of real-life conversation and the implications for learners in a Japanese high school.
  • Language Teaching Methodology and Research Methods
  • The effects of strategy training in the keyword method on vocabulary learning in a Japanese high school
  • A tabloid’s response to Jack Straw’s comments regarding the Muslim veil: a critical discourse analysis
  • Poetry in the language classroom: a task-based lesson plan for advanced learners
  • Researching Motivation and Autonomy in a Japanese High School: a Multi-Method Approach
  • Springboard for Success? An Evaluation of the CELTA Training Programme
  • Understanding meaning: a functional analysis of two scientific texts
  • Process Writing: A Study
  • Differences in First Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning
  • Getting the message across: coherence and cohesion in EFL writing
  • An ELT syllabus in a Japanese high school
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