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Quiz VIII. Dependent Prepositions & Prepositional Expressions II

Gap-fill exercise

Fill each gap with the correct preposition, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1. Because the heavy rain, the racing car went control the first bend the track.
2. From the opening game, the tennis champion was complete control the match.
3. When fighting started the three football fans, the police were quickly able to bring the situation control.
4. The skier injured last week is now danger and expected to leave hospital soon.
5. Each the winners the school races was photographed turn the school magazine.
6. When the pupils were sight the sports teacher, they practised hard; but once they were sight, they stopped running and sat down a rest.
7. Much sports equipment can be harmful young children and should be kept their reach.
8. Although the athlete was still breath from the race, she spoke the television commentator.
9. The canoeist found herself difficulties the river and had to be rescued.
10. If you are a room, you are not it but are the passage or area it.