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Quiz VI. Phrasal verbs with DOWN I

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

   broke      burnt      cut      keep      let      lie      put      settled      shouting      shut      step      taken      tracked      turned      worn   
1. Some people think that the Queen should down and allow Prince Charles to become King.
2. I asked Mary to marry me, but she me down.
3. As soon as a leak of radioactive waste was discovered, the government ordered the plant to be down.
4. " down or they'll see you!"
5. It has become much easier to down trees in the Amazon rainforests since the introduction of the chainsaw.
6. She spent several months trying to find Joe. She finally him down, though: he was living in a small hotel on the island of Corsica.
7. After several hours of questioning, the suspect finally down and confessed to being the leader of the Evil Party.
8. I found the novel Pride and Prejudice so exciting that, once I had picked it up, I simply couldn't it down again until I had finished it.
9. "Anything you say will be down and may be used in evidence against you." (police warning)
10. The steps were down by the thousands of feet that had trodden on them.
11. "Don't forget to be there at nine precisely."
"Don't worry, you can depend on me: I won't you down."
12. If you're not feeling well, go and down for while.
13. Isn't it time you stopped being an internal teenager? Isn't it time you got your hair cut, got a job, got married and down?
14. When he was asked why he had set fire to the house, he replied: "I only it down because I knew that my wife's murderer was inside at the time."
15. At public meetings, there are two kinds of hecklers: those who want to ask difficult questions and to hear what the speaker has to say, and those who try to prevent him from speaking by him down.