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What Types of Online 1-to-1 English LESSONS Are Available?

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What Types of Online 1-to-1 English LESSONS Are Available?

There are many types of lessons available. Some of the more common ones are

  1. Exam practice (FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFLibT, BECs, etc) 
  2. Grammar through Interactive Listening & Speaking Drills
  3. Vocabulary through Interactive Listening & Speaking Drills
  4. Accent Reduction Drills
  5. Function-basedDiscussions (learning speaking strategies, e.g. how to agree, todisagree, to give examples, to explain, to advise, to make small talk,to complain, to say "yes" and "know" in different ways, to apologize,etc)
  6. Feedback Sessions (e.g. you may want to discuss an essay, letter or report you submitted)
  7. Conversation Classes - it is possible to talk about different things on a regular basis in order to practise your speaking
    • you can ask the teacher to choose discussion topics for you or
    • you can tell the tutor in advance what you would like to talk about

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