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IELTS speaking topics 2013

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IELTS Speaking Topics 2013 Reported by EnglishLab.Net Students

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-01-TALK

Describe a talk that you heard recently.

You should say

* who gave the talk
* where you heard the talk
* what the talk was about

and explain how you felt about the talk.

topic variations:

Describe an interesting talk/speech you heard recently.
Describe a talk/speech you heard recently and liked.

You should say

* who the speaker was
* where and when you heard the talk/speech
* what the talk/speech was about

and explain why you liked the talk/speech
and explain why the talk/speech was interesting

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-02-PLANT

Describe a (house)plant in your home (you like)

You should say

* what plant it is
* who gave it to you
* how long you have had it

and explain why you like it
and explain how you feel about this plant

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-03-TOY

Describe a toy that was special to you when you were a child.

You should say

* who and when gave the toy to you
* what the toy looked like
* how you played with the toy

and explain why the toy was special to you

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-04-LATE

Describe a situation/time when you were late.

You should say

* when you were late
* where you were late
* why you were late

and explain how you felt about it (= being late)

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-05-GIFT

Describe a gift that you gave to someone.

You should say

* what the gift was
* who you gave it to
* why you chose this gift

and explain whether it was a good gift

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-06-MATHS

Describe math lessons you had at elementary/primary school.

(NB! many lessons, how you studied maths in general)

You should say

* who the teacher was
* how the teacher taught those lessons
* what the students did

and explain why you liked or disliked them.

Describe a math lesson you had at elementary/primary school that you remember.

(NB! describe only one lesson)

You should say

* where and when you had this lesson
* who the teacher was
* what the students did

and explain why you remember this lesson.

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-07-SONG

Describe a song that you heard recently and liked

You should say

* who the singer was
* what the song was about
* where and when you heard the song

and explain why you liked the song

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-08-ROOM

Describe a room you spend a lot of time in.

You should say

* where this room is
* what this room looks like
* what you do in this room

and explain why you spend so much time in this room

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-09-HOME

Describe a home (a house or (an) apartment) that visited and liked (recently).

You should say

* where this place is/was
* how you travelled there
* who you travelled there with

and explain why you liked this place (home)

topic variations:

Describe a home (a house) that you visited recently.

You should say

* where it is/was located
* when you visited it
* what was interesting about it

and explain why you visited it

ELN-2013-winter-spring-IELTS topic-10-PURCHASE

Describe something you bought recently and were not satisfied with.
Describe a purchase you were dissatisfied with.

You should say

* what you bought
* when you bought it
* where you bought it

and explain why you were not satisfied with your purchase
and explain why you were dissatisfied with your purchase

to be continued :D


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