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IELTS speaking and writing TOPICS

Where can you find those?

Method 1 - get hold of IELTS preparation coursebooks and practice tests

Method 2 - google IELTS forums and blogs. 

Method 3 - use the ELN database of past IELTS speaking tasks and essay writing topics (will go online in late March, side effects 2013). 

Actually, cost there are several places to look for past IELTS speaking tasks.

* old 2006-2012 IELTS speaking tasks have been put together by Chris G (collected via analysing various IELTS forums and blogs)

* new topics are also being collected via an online survey http://eepurl.com/v4q8n by Stacey (if you have taken the IELTS exam, please share your memories of the IELTS speaking test questions, and they will be published here on ELN pages starting from late March, 2013)

have a look at some past IELTS essay topics - 2012 - and some IELTS topics taken from various IELTS preparation books

* if you know other past IELTS essay topics, or letter-writing or graph description tasks, please share your memories  - fill in the ELN past IELTS topics questionnaire


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2016-17 Term Dates

11.01.16 - 24.04.16 

09.05.16 - 28.08.16

05.09.16 - 18.12.16

09.01.17 - 30.04.17

08.05.17 - 20.08.17

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What is SEO Net

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Study-English-Online.Net - Fact File

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What is Study-English-Online.Net?

* A lot of people have asked me in the past few months what Study-English-Online.Net was all about, so I thought it would be natural for me to create an mp3 recording of my answer to this question so that as many interested individuals as possible could listen to it (and kill two birds with one stone: learn about the ELN Project and practise listening at the same time) :D

* In essence, it is a 3 in 1 place on the Internet, which is an educational website,  a social network and a language learning content management system.

Why is Study-English-Online.Net an educational website?

  • It is an educational website because its mission is to give people opportunities to practise and improve their English.
Why is Study-English-Online.Net a social network?
  • It is a social network because its functionality lets people form pairs and small groups in virtual debate and discussion classrooms - when several students get together, they can socialize in the very same way they would in an onsite classroom, the only difference is that when they are online, they are expected to use an IP telephony solution such as Skype or GoogleTalk to have a voice chat.
Why is Study-English-Online.Net a language learning content management system?
  • It is a language learning content management system because it has a large database of learning objects which are also known as language learning tasks. They are the building blocks that debate and discussion classrooms are made of. Visually, the majority of learning objects are a combination of some pictures and text. If need be, they could also be enhanced with diagrams, tables, audio, video and interactive elements such as polls and multiple choice quizzes. 

What is a Virtual Discussion Classroom?

* In a nutshell, it is a kind of chatroom, where invited participants led by a tutor or moderator take part in organized learning activities. The tasks or learning objects are displayed on the main screen for everyone to see at regular intervals. To help the students make the most of the discussion, the classroom is equipped with timers, which facilitate turn-taking, and cheatsheets, which feature rules and additional instructions. What makes the ELN Discussion Classrooms special is that students get to talk for real and can hear each other's voices.

What is a Virtual Debate Classroom?

* A Debate Classroom is in many ways similar to a Discussion Classroom. What makes it different is that it makes it possible for lesson participants to form two teams and take part in competitive language learning activities, such as debates, when one team has to argue in favour of a given idea, while the other team has to support the opposing view. One of the key functionalities of a Debate Classroom is comprised of note-taking boxes where the debate moderator can type quintessential summaries of the ideas generated during class. After the lesson, it is possible for all the students who took part in the debate to review the notes via the interactive schedule.

* What is the Interactive Schedule and what does it enable users to do?

The Interactive Schedule is a separate module of the system that features class times, course descriptions and lesson summaries, and homework. It lets the social network users see what courses and lessons are planned for the future,  join and drop classes, and order VIP lessons if they cannot find anything that meets their needs. 

Click on PLAY above to listen to the text above. 


Want to study English online?

request a free of charge placement interview via Skype

EnglishLab.Net OÜ / LLC

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Translate from English into ... English!

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Mambots have been renamed as Plugins.

Mambots were introduced in Mambo and offered possibilities to add plug-in logic to your site mainly for the purpose of manipulating content. In Joomla! 1.5, buy information pills Plugins will now have much broader capabilities than Mambots. Plugins are able to extend functionality at the framework layer as well.

With a library of hundreds of free Extensions, check you can add what you need as your site grows. Don't wait, look through the Joomla! Extensions library today.

A lot of different languages are available for the Back-end, ailment but by default this language may not be installed. If you want a translated Back-end, get your language pack and install it using the Extension Installer. After this, go to the Extensions Menu, select Language Manager and make your language the default one. Your Back-end will be translated immediately.

Users who have access rights to the Back-end may choose the language they prefer in their Personal Details parameters. This is of also true for the Front-end language.

A good place to find where to download your languages and localised versions of Joomla! is on our Help Site.

To completely remove an Article, health select the Articles that you want to delete and move them to the Trash. Next, open the Article Trash in the Content Menu and select the Articles you want to delete. After deleting an Article, purchase it is no longer available as it has been deleted from the database and it is not possible to undo this operation.

When you Archive an Article, story the content is put into a state which removes it from your site as published content. The Article is still available from within the Control Panel and can be retrieved for editing or republishing purposes. Trashed Articles are just one step from being permanently deleted but are still available until you Remove them from the Trash Manager. You should use Archive if you consider an Article important, ed but not current. Trash should be used when you want to delete the content entirely from your site and from future search results.

Sometimes it is a good idea to be able to distinguish between British English (BrE) and American English (AmE). When you read or listen, and this skill is somewhat optional, sale it is more important to understand the message of the text. However, when it comes to speaking or writing,


Word Order Quizzes for the Brainy Folk

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 Test yourself - unscramble 14 popular English proverbs and sayings!

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